Leading Causes Of Death 2016

Hospitals and Doctors now rank 3rd. largest cause of death

According to a new study by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, medical care (hospitals and doctors) are now the third leading cause of death in the United States, surpassed only by Cardiovascular diseases (heart attack, stroke) and cancer.

Some conditions are different from the US to the countries of EU, and therefore the results of this study can’t be transferred directly. But on the other hand, we can expect similar numbers in the EU, although with some minor deviations from the US numbers.

Listen to the interview about the study with Dr. Martin Makary, MD, professor of surgery at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine:


The best strategy for survival is to live healthy and prevent as much disease is possible. Although it is best to start as early as possible to live healthy, it is never too late to turn things around. That obviously requires a wholehearted effort, and some diseases have no cure, once you’ve got the diagnosis. But even with a diagnosis of an incurable disease, some parts can be remedied with an accurate and evidence-based lifestyle transformation.

Most importantly; there are no magic pills or other medications that can offset or prevent bad lifestyle and other causes; pills and other medications can only dampen symptoms, and can actually worsen the conditions.


The study can be found here (abstract):

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Article from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine: